Deepdene Care supports adults who present with severe and enduring mental health needs. Our experienced teams provide a positive and empowering environment enabling our service users to recover at their own pace.


Following the principles of the recovery model, our service is based upon the provision of person centred care, social inclusion and respect.  Our philosophy of care centres upon improving an individual’s mental and physical health, addressing inappropriate behaviour and risks and replacing them with appropriate patterns of coping, problem solving and improved personal and social skills.

Service Users are supported in their recovery by working with us to develop individualised pathways of care that encourage positive risk taking and build on individuals’ strengths and aspirations, enabling them to take an active part in their programme of care.

Our Service Users are individuals in their own right with their own specific and often complex needs.  Our goal is to offer the range of support needed to enable the individual to work towards achieving the most positive outcome for them, whether this is a return to independent living and employment, or to a supported environment where they can access all the services the community has to offer.